Monday, September 23, 2013

Stabs into your Bones

Well... nothing too new this week.  Mucho and mucho lluvia (rain) and this isn’t your normal rain.  This is liquid snow.  It pierces your jacket and stabs into your bones.  Everyday when I get home I feel like I have been skiing, just without the snow, and the skis and all of the excitement of skiing. There is still the excitement of spreading the word of course, which we weren’t able to do much because of all of the rain. It has been dumping buckets here so there were 2 huge pools of water and the only way through it was a tiny strip of dry cement.  I don’t want to walk in it cause I hate having wet shoes but I don’t want to get my bike muddy so the obvious answer is to pick up the bike and walk, very carefully, on the dry cement.  So that’s what I did.  I forgot to take into account however the wind and how off balance I was picking up the bike so when I was half way through the cement, the wind picked up and I started to go into the water.  So I made a leap of faith, trying to jump over the water not realizing how far away I was and that I was holding a bike and jumped 2 feet into the muddy water, sinking like a brick. So great.  There is nothing better than some wet socks and shoes.  
My companion and I gave a couple more blessings this week.  One was to a family that I love--the ones that invited us to their daughters birthday party. Their son had a fever so my comp made me bless them.  I didn’t know what to say and I got nervous but it kinda went well...  I said it in English but its cool with me.  It was only my 3rd one ever, ya know?  The next time we went the son was great.
We weren’t able to teach that much this week cause of all of the rain but we did do something called a tremor blanca? I think it means white storm and it’s where all of the missionaries in one zone go to one area and all of us go to all the investigators and talk to them and see what is going on. So we had like 10 missionaries (some didn’t show) going around in a 2 missionary district.  This is where I fell asleep on the bus.  Also dealing with sleep this week we had a huge bus ride that was like an hour long and I gave up my seat and so I stood the whole time but I was super tired and slowly I started to drift off.  My eyes were getting heavy and then my arms, and then my whole head but somehow I perfectly propped it inbetween my arms and fell asleep for like 5 minutes standing, impressive right?  It was pretty sweet on splits and I got to see how other missionaries teach.  I would tell you more about the people but I don’t know that much about them cause I’m still working on the language haha so sorry about that.  
My companion was snoring way bad and even I couldn’t fall asleep so I started to clap and snap to wake him up and then when he woke up I was softly snoring to make it seem like I was asleep.  The next morning we were making breakfast and he was telling me that I was talking in my sleep again and I was even clapping and snapping.  
I went to a member’s house. He is way awesome and has earrings and his mom made some of the best meat I have ever had in my entire life for us a couple weeks ago. But anyways in his yard his dogs were fighting over something and when I went to go see what it was I found out that it was a whole cow leg. Haha just a huge bone just hanging out in their yard.
I saw a dog straight up climb a 5 foot chain link fence.  I have never seen anything like it.  I wish that I could have gotten a video of it cause I am still in awe...   When we were teaching a lesson my comp told me, "that dog is a bad dog" when I asked why he just made the chomping gesture and then said "otro perro” so I thought.  Oh man he bit another dog, that’s not nice.  When we got out of the lesson he told me that it wasn’t only bite, that dog killed another dog and then ate it.  Haha I’m pretty freaked out when I see it now.  I have also learned some of the dogs that wander the street cause they are the aggressive ones that always chase you and how we have to sneak past them.  
Some more things about Argentina.  They don’t really like throwing their trash in all of the bins they have here.  So they just dump in front of their houses and when it gets to big, they burn it and just let it burn until it is all gone.  They don’t have speed bumps on their dirt roads so the people will just go and dig their own trenches.  Haha its kinda freaky sometimes cause it is like a foot and a half deep and a foot wide so you gotta try and dodge it or get over it somehow.  
Anyways, we gotta use all the time we have to do sweet things in life.  I love you all and I’m praying for you everyday.

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