Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Quick Dip

Dear everyone-
This week was a good one. I don’t really remember anything but I’ll give it a
shot. I got your package mom. Thanks a ton for everything. I ate the two
chocolate bars in like 3 seconds because they melt if you don’t.
During the week a little storm came in and by little storm I mean pretty crazy. Within
like 2 hours the streets were filled with water. We jumped into a member’s
house to wait it out but I got a call telling me that President wanted everyone
in their house. So we were making our way home pure soaked. We are in a lower
part of our area and I suddenly realized the water was up to my waist. (I’m
not kidding.) I decided I’d take a quick dip and doggy paddled for like 15
feet. My comp thought it was pretty funny. Way luckily (and I have no
clue how) my scriptures didn’t get wet and our phone still works. My bag
went completely under water while I was swimming (oops). I realized it was
kinda dangerous to be out in the storm so we took a turn up the street and
got the heck home. Other than that not too much crazy stuff happened.
On Sunday the sisters and us had a tag team baptism. It was pretty good. My
comp and I cleaned the font out and it was kinda crazy because we cleaned
it out real good and then filled it up with water. But little caterpillars
started climbing out of the drain and there was like 15 of them in the font
and out before the baptism. Luckily I whipped out a rake and raked them all


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