Sunday, July 13, 2014

Elder Horseman

This week a little something called the World Cup started and that’s all that everybody talks about.  Soccer’s pretty dang sweet but I have never been a die-hard fan.  I just want the United States to win so that I can rub some sweet sweet victory in the face of some of the people here.  Real Christ-like, right?

For reals this week we just traveled a lot. 

Monday was P day, completely normal.

Tuesday we traveled for 6 hours to go to a conference.

Wednesday we traveled to Mar de Plata for 5 hours and slept over there for the night.  I was trying to pull a john and bring as little as humanly possible. It kinda backfired but kinda worked at the same time.  Imma just saying I’m blessed that I can sleep through anything.

Thursday we went to a super super sweet conference with a 70 named Elder Vinas.  We talked about Christ and how He atoned for us.  It was super super awesome and I invite all of you to think about what Christ’s sacrifice means for you and study it a little bit cause it completely blew my mind.

After that we got on the bus and hit the road for another 5 hour trip full of beat boxing, clean rapping Elders, showing pictures, and playing whatever crazy game that we could possibly think of. 

When we got to our stop we hopped off of our bus and then we ran to our other bus that we had to catch and we saw it pull away and drive off without us into the distance like a balloon that floats off into the air.  We did the George Michael walk back to the other missionaries and had to stay the night in another area again.

Some other important news I just finished off my 2 kilo of oats in 6 weeks.  1 kilo is 2.2 pounds.  That means that I’m eating a good old 2.2 pounds of oats in 3 weeks.  
Just call me Elder Horseman Merkley

The last important news that I had was this morning I woke up and I sneezed so hard that I saw stars. Cool story huh?

I love you guys.  I’m praying for you.


Elder Merkley

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