Sunday, July 13, 2014

See Some Sweet Sunsets

Hey there everybody!

Well this week was a guddun.  Real interesting but good at the same time.

First off I’m not sure what is going on but I am having some of the strangest dreams ever.

Second off for all of you out there who know what a hipster is. They are spreading.  I met my first full blood hipster here the other day.

I have got my Brazilian companion into the habit of saying, "Man."

We were invited to an 11 year olds birthday party. Lets just say that 11 year olds singing karaoke in English isn’t really my thing...

This week we were riding our bikes down a dirt road when behind us we heard something running at us.  We turned around and we saw 3 wild stallions tracking us down. We quickly got off the road and waited til they passed.  When they passed we started up again.  We crossed another road and then they came out of nowhere and started chasing us again.  Haha one of them started doing the bucking bronco thing.  We figured in this moment that it is probably best if we get far away from them.  Far far away.

Also this week we had our power go out for about an hour.
And then the next day it went out for the whole day...
...And the next day...
...And the next day...
... The good news is that we only couldn’t use our space heater... and our fridge, water heater, lights, phone, microwave, or shower.  I felt like I was camping. It actually was pretty dang fun going to sleep in the pitch black with my sleeping bag and having to kind of wing it like in the golden days.

So the lesson here.  If you like to hike and camp.  Just go on the mission. You get to hike around all day and talk to the other people on the path, eat oatmeal and see some sweet sunsets.  
I love you all.  I am happy to be here, looking to help somebody.  I know that the Big man sent me here for a reason, so I will just keep on hiking along looking for it.

Well, that’s all folks!
Your little friend,
Elder Merkley 

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