Sunday, July 13, 2014

Did You Get It In a Cereal Box

This week was pretty good. I don’t know why but we just found a ton of people with smoking or drinking problems. Like we found about 5 and all of them want to change. I realized how sucky it would be to be addicted to something. One guy named Antonio was walking in the street. He called out to us and told us to go into his house. He was shaking way bad and was telling us about how the doctors were telling him he was going to die because of how much alcohol he drinks. He told me while he was waiting he just left the hospital praying to god He would help him when he saw us. We´ll see what happens with him but he’s in pretty bad shape. So pray for Antonio ok?
In other news my watch broke this week. I was kinda bummed but to give you guys a taste of how rich this area is when I went to the Bishop’s house to eat, his wife saw that my watch was broken and started laughing. She asked me if I pulled it out of a cereal box while the bishop when into his room and just straight up gave me a way nice watch haha. We had stake conference this Sunday here and three Areas of the 70 came. One of them was the uncle of my comp so that was pretty cool for him.

Well take everyone love you guys a ton-Dan

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