Sunday, July 13, 2014

Love At First Sight

Hey there everybody!

Well, this week was a guddun.

I saw a girl trying to start up her moto this week and trying to be a good samaritan we went over to try and help her out.  I asked her if I could do it and she said thank you and yes. So I pointed at the starter thing and said "I kick down this one, right?"  And she said yes.  So I summed up all of the brute force that I could calling on he man and kicked down that starter pedal....with such force that I broke it off....
As I awkwardly came to the conclusion that I broke part of her motorcycle I realized that it still didn’t start up.  We met eye contact for a couple of seconds like a movie where they see love at first sight. We just have to replace "love at" with "you broke" and "first sight" with "my motorcycle” it was an uncomfortable situation for a little but after many apologies and offers to fix it she told me that it has fallen off before.  I’m not sure if she was saying the truth or just to get away before I broke something else.

This week we also had the opportunity to start up seminary here in San Clemente.  My companero and I are now officially the new San Clemente Seminary teachers, with a class of 4 kids haha I hope that I can handle it.  Any tips or strategy’s to get the little monsters out of the hallway in their seats would be greatly appreciated.

Also because we started up our seminary our Presidente of the Rama is friends with a 70 named Elder Crasnocelski (I have no clue how the heck to spell it...) So anyways he came to our church and talked to us and all of the kids.  It was dang sweet and he talked to us about 1 Nephi and caught us all up to where we need to be.  Man how lucky am I?  He told us that the next time maybe we can go on divisions.  Woo!

Other funny things that I saw this week:

A fly was bugging this guy on the bus and he tried swatting it a couple of times but he couldn’t get it. When it landed on the window carefully, quietly leveled his hand, like a cobra waiting to pounce on the little mouse… and then I realized that he had his cellphone in his hand.  He jabbed at the fly trying to stab it... but sadly he missed.

Well.  I love you guys.  I hope that everything is well.  I miss you but I know that the Lord needs me here right now.  
Be safe, keep working hard.
Elder Merkley

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