Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jumped Out from Behind

Hola to everyone
Sorry I didn’t write last week. We were kind of behind. The sister we wash clothes with decided to take off to downtown Veracruz so we had a slight change in plans but it left me without time to write. Nothing really happened so it’s all good. This week was a good one, but kinda sucky too. We were going to baptize this guy named Carlos. He’s way sweet but has to fix some things with his work and what not so he can get baptized. But maybe this week. My comp and I were walking on the sidewalk (if you can even call them sidewalks here) when we past a fence with pretty big spaces between each panel and a huge German Shepard going crazy barking at us behind it. I didn’t really think anything about it because there are more dogs here than people. So there I am walking all nonchalantly past this dog when it jumped out from behind and bit my bag and pulled me back. It was like in the cartoons. My head and feet flew forward but my body went backwards.  I had like a book bag thing that has one strap goes around the shoulder. The stupid dog had my bag in its mouth and was shaking his head to and fro like a freaking nut,. I’m screaming like a girl and my comp and all those around are laughing way hard. I was about to drill it in the face (or at least I say I was) when it let go and I got outta there without out a scratch. But my bag has a little hole in it. 
My companion just kills me. He loovvvesss everything so clean. I love it too. Everything in our house today was clean except my desk. It looked like dad’s house on a bad day. I got out of the shower and whadda ya know. He cleaned it for me. It was great. I took a way sweet photo of a member’s back yard. I’d send it to you but the problem is that I forgot my SD card converter thing so I’ll send it next week. 
Love Dan the Mexican man

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