Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cleaning the Font

On Tuesday we were contacting to try and find some new investigators.
We found these teenagers playing the guitar and bass way too loud inside
their house so we went over to investigate. We started to play a little
with them and it turns out they are those Christians who rock out at church
haha. But they were so dang weird. Their dad (who was even wierder) walked
in and started playing with them and singing his song that went about like
this “Oh Jesus, baby Jesus, you are my are my light. Oh Jesus bring us peace
and light.“  It was just the funniest thing and they just went on and on. I
don’t know how the heck anyone can take them serious.  
Not much else happened until Sunday. On Sunday the sisters had a baptism. 
Of course they didn’t clean the baptismal font so they dumped the load on us during the
third hour of church. The baptismal font here is pretty dang sucky because
a ton of insects live in the drain. So after we got it all clean we started
to fill it up with water and out came a huge spider, a cockroach, and like
ten million centipedes. So after the font was all filled up I had to get a
rake and rake all the dang things out. The service was about to start and a
bunch of people were waiting. Way luckily the curtain thing was closed to
the font because I was behind it with one foot on the edge of were the
glass fence thing is and the other way behind where the steps begin with a
rake trying to rake those wretched fools out. Just as I finished my foot
slipped out behind me and I basically baptized myself haha. I can only
image the huge splash everyone heard when I fell in. Luckily somehow again
my phone made it out alive and the kid got baptized in clean water, for the
most part. The best part was that I walked out behind and went through the
entrance and no one could even tell I was wet haha. It’s really humid here.
And I was dry by the time I left the church. Well take care.
Love you guys a ton—

Elder Kimball

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