Sunday, September 14, 2014

Racchumi from Peru

Hey there everybody!

Well this week was super sweet.  I traveled for 6 hours to Buenos Aires, grabbed my new companion (fresh out of the MTC) in the mission president’s house, hopped on a bus again and traveled another 10 back to San Clemente. WELCOME TO THE MISSION!

But for real I have a new companion named Elder Racchumi from Peru.  He is ballin and he talks exactly like my trainer in the mission who is also from Peru.  Haha I took the exact same picture with him that my trainer and I took when I got here.  I even got the same people to pose in the background.  Ya it was pretty sweet.

After that I taught my first class of seminary, WOO! It actually turned out pretty good:)

In other news, this week when we walked out of a lesson I told my companion ‘good job’ and we were saying what we could improve on and then he said "companero can I tell you something?" 

I said yes and then he said look right there... you stepped on a frog when we were coming in"

I looked at the ground and there was a plastered frog on the ground... poor little guy....

Besides that my hijito is a freakin stud.  He teaches way good so it makes my job super easy and he says a lot of profound things that makes everybody drop their jaw.  Haha Im totally taking credit for teaching him everything that he knows.

This week we had the chance to talk to a daughter of a member who isn’t a member.  The mom and her have been fighting a lot about her and school and she has tried to run away a couple of times.  It reminded me a little bit of me.  

My companion and I talked to her and helped her find how to fix the problem.  Something so sweet that he said was "How was your life when you were 5?"
She answered “Perfect...I didn’t have any worries.”

He said "Because you trusted in your mom and knew that what she was doing was for the best.  We have to trust in the Lord and follow him like we followed our parents when we were younger and He will do what is best for us."

It’s so sweet how true that is.  When we trust in the lord He guides us for the best path, even when it is pretty sucky at the beginning. The more time I have out here the more I realize that it’s the truth.

I love you all and I hope that you have a great week.
Trust in the big man.

Elder Merkley

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