Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mundo Marino

Well... this week I didn’t really do too much.  We went traveling a lot and we had transfers...I'M GOING TO....

But for real, I’m pretty dang happy.  We are making a lot of progress here and its nice to see the Big Man doing his work.  

Also my companion and I were talking to a member this week and she told us "Ya my husband works at Mundo Marino" we then proceeded to ask her if she could get us some.

On the next Monday we called them and asked if they had them.  They told us that later that day they would get them.

We called later and they told us that they couldn’t get them.  We looked at the schedule of Sea World and we found out that they are only open on Saturdays and Sundays after this week of vacation...

So we had to take a big decision... Go, or no go?

Take a looksee for yourself what we chose.

Also in other news.  We have an investigador named Daniela who has a husband who doesn’t let us come into the house but told us that if we want we can talk outside. So for the last couple of week we have been passing by and we go to their house and talk outside for about an hour.  Really my companion and I just sit and listen to her talk for an hour about what is going on and then we tell her.  "Alright, I think that you will like these scriptures" and then we head out.
In the beginning she told us that she didn’t even want to touch the Book of Mormon and that she didn’t even want to talk to us anymore, but then her son who is 6 started to cry and told her that we are the only adults that treat him well.
So she agreed to listen to us a little bit more.  She started to read a tiny tiny bit of the Book of Mormon.  And then the next time a little bit more.  And then a little bit more.
This last week she told us that she knows that we are representatives of God and that the Book of Mormon is true.  It is so interesting to me that even though we aren’t teaching her anything. I thought that it was so sweet that she found her answer just by looking.  James 1:5 says that very thing.
Have a good week.

Elder Merkley         

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