Sunday, September 14, 2014

Took One For The Team

I’m kinda dizzy. Just kidding but really.  This morning I went and donated blood because there are like 5 missionaries with dangue so I took one for the team and gave my blood to my last comp Elder Castañeda. We had to go to a Concilio on Martes for all the leaders but nothing really got done. But we all voted on changing the time to wake up at 6:30 again so that was a good change.  Before it was 6:10 because the last president wanted us to wake up and read. I also ate some really tasty food so it was worth it. We did divisions and I stayed in our area. Elder Larson from St. George came with me and I got lost a couple of times but I’m starting to learn the area.
Here´s the awkward story for the week. On Sunday an ex-missionary brought his girlfriend to church. She’s way cool and she’s way receptive to the gospel. When church ended and we were saying good bye and what not to everyone, I went to shake her hand and she moved in for the cheek kiss. (Here in Mexico they try and be like the Spaniards and give the cheek goodbye kiss to everyone.) I totally rejected her and felt kinda bad because it was her first time to church and didn’t know anything about missionaries/the church and she felt way dumb because it was in front of everyone.  Ooops. On the bright side the sister missionaries are going to go visit her this week.
Elder Kimball

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