Monday, November 10, 2014

Broken Bike

Hey there everybody!

Well... this week. I kinda was busy.  So... ya... I kinda forgot... to take notes...

What I can remember:

We tried teaching a lesson to a family but one of them was outside cleaning his car and was blasting cumbia outside.  (It’s like rap... kinda.)  So the whole lesson they didn’t even hear us, just me mouthing the words to some cumbia.

We taught 20 lessons which I was pretty happy about cause when we started here we had 4 or 5 every day.

We went on intercambios and for the past 2 weeks our bike chain breaks.  The bike fixer even told us he was worried for us when we didn’t come in the other day.

So like always my bike broke so then Elder Carlson and I had to walk a different route to get to the bike place faster.   When we were on our way we saluted a guy that had like 24 years. We started talking to him and he told us his name was Danny.  He asked us what we were doing there and when we told him that we were there from Jesus Christ. He lifted up his shirt and showed us a huge Jesus that he had tattooed on his chest.  We started teaching him and he was just a straight baller.  He accepted everything and told us that he was going to start reading and praying to know if it was the truth.  I felt like the big man was doing some work.

After the lesson we just looked at each other and started laughing cause we thought that at first it was just a huge curse that the bikes always break but then we ended up finding just the most ballin guy.  

Just comes to show that the Lord guides us in many different ways.  Even when we think that it just blows and that nothing is going our way the Lord had a reason. So we gotta trust him, right?

Well. I love you all.  Sorry it’s not the most exciting letter that you have ever seen.  I’m gonna take some notes this week.

Elder Merkley

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