Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Own Garden


I was so excited to finally plant a tree in San Clemente that I wanted to start my own garden.  It’s one week down and the 3 plants that I planted still aren’t completely dead--just 1. You could call me a green thumb.

We don’t have a bank in our area so for the first time in 3 weeks we were able to go and buy food for ourselves.  It was like Christmas where you get to choose the gifts.

We went back to Ezeiza because we have reunions there every Tuesday and we had lunch with a convert Noel y Silvana so that was pretty sweet.

The downside is that we were traveling so much that I felt like Daffy in Looney Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation where he needs some water and when he opens his mouth, sand spills out. 

Because we didn’t have any money it means that I was going on round 2 and a half of my dirty clothes cycle cause I couldn’t wash anything except with water.  So finally I got clean clothes. Yay:) I felt like a million bucks.  That or a pair of undies fresh out of the washer.

I saw both of mi hijitos Elder Racchumi and Elder Monteza at the same time:)  

We went traveling again this week to Adrogue—like a 5 hour travel so that we could go see the Apostol Nelson.  Man it was so sweet.  They talked a lot about how if we read the Book of Mormon everyday with a question that God will answer us.  And that is exactly what I have been doing.

We slept in the pension of the Assistentes. They had coco puffs and could you say that I was coocookier that that coco puffs bird that jumps off the walls when he sees his favorite cereal? Yes, yes, I was.

We planned a Family Home Evening for a month with the ward and this week we had it.  It was a BLAST.  There were 5 people there.  2 parents and 3 kids.  Thanks ward.

We had the primary program which is always just an explosion of confusion and chaos but very very cute at the same time.

We taught a man this week and he got so bored in our lesson that while we were talking he picked up his guitar and started playing. I knew that I was boring but THAT BORING?  
Well you live and learn.  That’s what the life is about.  I love you all.

Elder Merkley

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