Monday, November 10, 2014

Twenty People at Church!


Hey there everybody!
First. I went on intercambios with Elder Hanson in San Bernardo.  It was super sweet and the sweetest was that we finished off the day in the house of a panadero (bakery) reading.  He was a convert of like 4 days and he started reading the Book of Mormon.  When he would read he got so into it the he would shout or gasp, ‘Man I wish I could get that into a book.’
We also had the skies open up the faucet and pour out rain again to our knees.  My companion is so dang determined that we went wading through the water to get to our lesson.  I cast a line out and did some trolling while I was at it.
We went to a house and tried to be creative in our lesson and teach using a game.  When we taught it was super super good...
... until we started teaching and finished the game...  and then all of them just started getting up and leaving and then talking or turning on the tv. And then in the end of the lesson we just killed off 2 hours of time trying to explain something to a baby of 6 months who was the only one paying attention, gaping with his mouth wide open and drool coming out.  I think he felt the spirit.
In good news.  Our little house church had 20 PEOPLE THIS WEEK!!!!! WOOOO!!!!!!!!  After much time in the streets and clapping at doors and talking to the offended members, we got to 20 people.  It is sweet to see the Lord doing his work here.  Little by little I have seen some pretty big changes in the people. I was reading Alma 16:16 and I felt like it applied to this situation.  The Lord is preparing people and situations little by little.  So when the time comes they are ready to accept the word.  We just have to trust Him that the time is right and all will fall into place.
I love you all and I hope that things are well back at home.  Be safe and I will talk to you soon.

Elder Merkley

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