Thursday, November 27, 2014

Forget About Smaller Problems

Hey there!!!!!!!!!!
Well... Our pipeline thing broke so now we don’t have too much water and we cant drink any of it so we went to an investigadors house to ask for water for the next couple of days.
     We started drinking and little by little I noticed that the water was cloudy and had a funny taste and then as if I had swallowed a little bomb everything went off.  But I got some secrets from the members and they told me that I should drink some rice water and it works like a charm!:)
So I’m working like a well greased machine.  Yipee!
Alright... so other than that.  I want you guys to start playing the song sandstorm that they literally play at every single dance. And then imagine being in the safari desert with just little knives digging into your face and eyes as you blindly wave your hands in the air stumbling over whatever is in front of you and being grabbed by the thorns below.  Did you do it?  Alright that’s exactly what Elder Racchumi and I went through this week.
     We tried finding a member right in the middle of a storm and there was so much sand that we had to stop cover our faces and then wait for it to calm down a bit. 
     But on the way back I cant complain.  We went with the wind and it carried us super fast and I could see the tiny particles of sand staying even with me, like time had stopped and we were the only ones moving forward.
    We also went like 40 blocks on a road of dirt to get to a lake cause we had like 2 hours on pday and nothing to do.  So we went exploring, took some pictures, balanced on posts.  Things like that.
We also had conference this week!  Haha conference is like a big celebration every time with all of the missionaries.  I did the same thing as last time and brought some oats and milk.  Eatin lunch the easy way. 
But in other points.  Some of the things that I loved were
1.) Fear ye not the scorn of man
2.) We share these things not to boost the numbers in the church but because we know that they can help people find happiness and hope.
    I thought it was interesting to hear it that way.  Really when we focus on the important things in life the small problems don’t worry us as much.  When we focus on helping other people in life we forget about the smaller problems and God in the same time helps us know what we have to do in our lives and a hope that soon these problems will pass.  That is what I am realizing out here on the mission.  Showing love for others helps us be happier and that is what I invite you all to do.  Look for a way to show your love for the people around you every day, even if its something small like saying hi, maybe it will help them and you have a better day, right?
Peter Preacher

Elder Merkley

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