Thursday, November 27, 2014

Home Sweet Home in Monte

So... this week was a wierdy.

On Monday and Tuesday and Miercoles we had some sweet lessons and family home evenings that we are trying to start like an old lawn mower.  

A lot of the time we were outside trying to contact but the good thing is that I’m getting a good tan, right?

Last Monday we had to change our P-Day to Thursday with the zone.  So this Thursday we went to my old area Ezeiza!!!!!!

It was so weird seeing the people that I knew from the ward there again.  We ended up playing some soccer for like 4 hours and then eating lunch and then playing a little bit more soccer and a buddy from the coast, Elder Carlson, and I tried making some rhymes.

After that we ran to the house of Noel and Silvana--(think back 7 months ago.) And we talked to them for a little and they invited us to have breakfast with them the next day.

We went to the pension of the Elders of Spegazzini and had a sleepover there.  They called in some pizza and we talked and looked at pictures:)

The next day we had some breakfast with Noel and Silvana and then we went to interviews with President. And then we went back to have lunch with the family Espindola from Ezeiza. 

My companion needed to go look for some money in the bank cause we don’t have one in our area so we went looking and then we ended up missing a train so we had to stay in Ezeiza for that day. And then the next day we would have had to return so we just stayed and worked in my old area.  Home sweet home.

We stayed there for 3 more days and visited some of the families that I was teaching back in the good old days.

Finally we got back to Monte and put our stuff down and relaxed.  Home sweet home.

Love-Elder Merkley

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