Monday, November 10, 2014

Party with Dueno Diaz

A couple of months back we talked to our dueno Antonio Diaz and we went to visit him at his house. He kinda reminds me of Dad in 30 years.  He was a doctor and is super super smart and knows a couple of languages and he reads the dictionary for fun kind of a guy.  He has a huge library and has all of the pens and watches that he has ever used in his whole life.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and signed it and he was super super happy  and we started talking and became friends:)

Another day we were getting ready for the day in the pension.
We then heard a nock on the door and when we answered it, it was our dueno (I dont know how to say it in English) Antonio Diaz.  He invited us to his best friends 80th birthday the next day.  We were super super stoked but when we asked when it started he told us at 9.
The only bad part is that we have to be in the pension at 9...
So anyways we made a couple of calls and loosened up some strings so that we could teach a late night lesson to some new friends. 
Finally the moment came....  He went to his house at 8 (compromising with him) with a fresh loaf of banana bread.
When we walked in there were 8 people (including ourselves) as we started introducing ourselves we found out that all of them were big shot doctors, dentists, orthodontists, and architects that designed whole cities in Argentina... and us... two 20 year old kids.
As we sat at the table, sweating from the pressure trying to remember which of the 3 forks I use to eat salad but then trying to tell them stories in my yankee spanish and waving my hands and arms in the air to distract them from table etiquette.
Anyways we ended up having a 4 course meal, looking at the animals that our dueno had hunted, taking pictures, telling stories, and even getting a decent lesson in.  Mission success.
Dang it!  now I understand why ma told me that she missed hearing from me last week... I thought that I sent this already... my bad.

Elder Merkley

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