Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hey there ere1 well my computer is slower than a sloth without legs sooo.... we are gonna be seeing how much I can get written.
This week:

We went on a road trip and on this road trip we saw an Elder Hanson sleeping so we stuck a pen in his mouth and I laughed until I cried.  And then I found 10 dollars.

We got home from a lesson later at night and my companion and I were so freakin tired but when we got there we saw that the lights were all turned on... which is weird cause we always turn off all of the lights.  We thought that maybe somebody entered through the back (cause our back door doesn’t lock...)

 So we went around the building and saw some walls that we had to scale to get to our porch.  So like 2 cats trying to climb a tree without claws we tried climbing that wall.  Finally we had to lift one another over the wall and after 20 minutes of struggling we got there.  

We entered the door and swept the house like a SWAT team kicking the doors and searching from top to bottom.

Luckily that robber was so scared of us that he forgot to take anything...  Or did he?

After checking everything all of the money, cameras, wallets, everything was all in place.  So we thought that really nobody came in..  But the next morning I started looking for my towel.  I looked, and looked, and looked.  I searched the house like a colonoscopy searches... your body and stuff.

And no matter where the heck I searched I couldn’t find my towel. So then I got a little freaked out and was thinking like "what if somebody really did enter and stole my towel... WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?"

So I took my shower, air dried a little bit and then later, when I went to make my bed I felt that my sleeping bag was a lot heavier that it should have been.  I felt around and saw that that stinkin robber took my sleeping bag and put it in the bottom of my sleeping bag... silly robber.

Anyways this week a member inactive said something to me that made my whole week.  She told us that we were the first people to go look for her after she went inactive and that we were so persistent that she felt that we love her.  God uses us sometimes in ways that we don’t understand to help those around us.  There will always be somebody that we can help in our day.  I invite you all to look for somebody to help.  Like always it just makes me feel happier.

I love you all and I hope everything is well.
Elder Merkley

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