Thursday, November 27, 2014

New Area--Full of Farms


This week we went to the Presidente of the Rama’s house, Pesidente Camacho.

He had a guitar and played some sweet music for us called Zamba.  Look it up. It is great.  I’m gonna learn it when I get home.  

Somebody told me that they are a professional guitar player and when he started playing I kinda felt like I was watching Boom goes the Dynamite.  I got such bad goose bumps that I had to leave the room.

Our area is full of farms and we went and saw little piggies and I’m going to try to go to milk a cow next week.

This week 2 groups of teenage girls tried talking to us.  I felt so uncomfortable because all I could manage to stutter out was "...uh....uh...." I realized that my life is a lot easier without having to try to talk to girls. 

It rained a whole butt load this week. We left and had some good water.  Its good thing though cause nobody washes our clothes here and we have only had 20 dollars for 2 weeks of food and the necessaries.  Washing clothes isn’t that necessary, right?  Who needs to wash your clothes when nature will do it for you?

I love you all.  I hope that things are well.  Like it says in Alma suffer with patience.  All of us have problems and trials but God will help us overcome them.

Elder Merkley

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